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Beautiful, fun weddings make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about them. This one was especially warm, correction, HOT, and super fuzzy!!

Before I describe this amazing wedding any further, I must correct Jason’s engagement post about Nicole and Jeremy: I was crazy enough to look for volleyball team-mates on Craigslist, but it was Nicole who posted the ad. Just saying! Who would have thought that we’d not only find super fun volleyball team-mates but in the process make awesome friends!!

Back to the main event. Nicole and Jeremy along with all of their amazing family and friends pulled off one hell of a party!! The whole wedding day was full of laughter, love, and wonderful memories. The girls had a few glasses of bubbly, while the boys were tending to Jer’s pulled back which he pulled the night before setting up a ping-pong table. But all that was forgotten when the boys piled up into a “special” school bus and headed off to meet the girls. Nicole looked simply amazing in her wedding gown and it all reflected in Jeremy’s face when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time. They chose their first look to be at one of Vancouver’s most beautiful buildings, The Vancouver Public Library.

Off we went to Gastown to get some photos, and after a few “smelly” brick wall and wonderful little streets it was time to head to Mt. Seymour for a breath-taking outdoor wedding overlooking Mt. Baker. The ceremony was very special to Nicole and Jeremy and to all the guests since we had the pleasure of listening to great wisdom of love and life from Nicole’s 92-year-old grandfather and Jeremy’s 92-year-old grandmother. Thank you both!

The rest of the night, and the whole day really, went “almost” as planned! And trust me, noone is going to remember duct taping my dress, broken down bus with all the guest on it, a slight delay in dinner, and a bunch of noseeums bugs, but everyone is sure the remember how beautiful the bride looked, how handsome the groom was, how breathtaking the view was, how amazing the food was, how slimy the snake was at the bottom of that sake, how strange the “Tsunami” dance was, how much fun everyone had throughout the whole day, and most importantly how much love and happiness surrounded the union of Nicole and Jeremy!!

We love you both, an we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!!

Enjoy some of the gorgeous photos from the day!


Thank you Kathryn Jarymy for the girls’ make-up.

Thank you DJ BFAD for keeping the dance floor packed all night long.

Thanks Mountain Seymour for your wonderful venue.

Thank you to Smoke and Bones for some delicious food.

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  • nigel

    Guys I love your work. If I was getting married again [which I'm not to be clear] I would hire you guys!

  • sue rakes

    WOW! this is the finest collection of stunning images i have seen in quite a while! REALLY nice use of light and drama with balance to sky and backgrounds….just love love the wedding party images…great fun! really nice job. i loved the location this couple picked, breathless spot and you guys really immortalized it for them.

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